About Saint Evo

Bringer of deep, hypnotic indigenous afro-house grooves… a vehicle to a musically trance laden spiritual realm.


That’s how Saint Evo describes himself as a DJ. Always seeking to tell a narrative with his own musical productions as well as playlists, Evo is never shy to go deep or vibrant. Having grown up listening to Hip-Hop, Reggae, Ragamuffin and Afrobeat, Evo ended up with a diverse musical influence. As such, his sets are characterized by a predominant drumbeat infused with a variety of organic indigenous sounds and vocal hooks that hail from Southern Africa, Central Africa and his own homeland, East Africa.

There comes a time when the city needs a new and refreshing sound. Residents tire of listening to imported tracks from Europe, Nigeria and the Americas. It may sound like the beginning of V for Vendetta but we need to be rescued from bad music. Enter Saint Evo the Myth, and you get an Equatorial House tune that will get you grooving.

– UP Magazine (Kenyan Lifestyle Magazine)

An energetic sanguine DJ, Saint Evo was voted the Best Runner Up DJ in Nairobi for the year 2015 by UP Magazine. Saint Evo has played at various festivals, shows and entertainment spaces such:

  • Blankets & Wine XIV (Kampala-Uganda)
  • Wilder Festival (Nakuru-Kenya)
  • Sauti Za Busara Festival (Zanzibar-Tanzania)
  • Africa Nouveau Festival (Nairobi-Kenya)
  • DoaDoa Festival (Kampala-Uganda)
  • Rift Valley Festival (Naivasha-Kenya)
  • DXD Awards 2015 (Nairobi-Kenya)
  • FAFA Maybelline Awards 2015 (Nairobi-Kenya)
  • Fambula (Naivasha-Kenya)
  • Kendwa Bay (Zanzibar-Tanzania)
  • The Bus (Nairobi-Kenya)
  • Six Degrees (Zanzibar-Tanzania)
  • Big Square (Nairobi-Kenya)
  • The Office (Jinja-Uganda)
  • Sarabi Pool & Supper Club (Nairobi-Kenya)
  • Africa House Hotel (Zanzibar-Tanzania)

My Vision

Saint Evo talking about his passion for East African Music

My vision is to change the status quo of African music in hope of taking the Kenyan and East African scene to global recognition. – Evo

It’s my firm belief that his talent as a producer and DJ, as well as his open, collaborative spirit, marks him out as a one of the most interesting musical innovators in East Africa today. – David Tinning (Santuri Safari Coordinator)

The Talking Drums series

Saint Evo is no stranger to the struggles of being an Afro-House Dj/Producer especially in a local scene that strives to gain international recognition. Consequently, he has been active in trying to showcase the talents of emerging African artists through his monthly podcasts, Talking Drums. The Talking Drums series serves as a platform where he not only presents East African produced afro-house, but also afro-house music from underground spaces within the African & European continent.

The House series ‘Talking Drums‘ is crafted by Kenyan DJ, Saint Evo “The Myth” and brings you a variety of rhythms, chants, and the new-age acts of House music from Africa and its evolution within the global music scene. A show derived from the Depths of Africa and deeply rooted in the genres of Afro, Tribal & Equatorial House.  – Jusi I Love (Music Review Blog)

Evo the producer

He has produced several Afro/Equatorial House hits and has worked with talented artists and producers both locally and internationally such as RubyGold (South Africa), Idd Aziz (Kenya), Wumni (UK), Toshi (South Africa), Madigari (Namibia), Sissy Fox (Switzerland), Kwame (Kenya), Kage Sparks (UK), Denham Smith (Jamaica), Hybrid Actuary (Kenya), Diddi Kimer (Kenya), Tetu Shani (Kenya), Lulo Cafe (South Africa), Jonathan Meyer (Italy), OY (Germany), KituSewer (Kenya), Taigo Onez (Chicago, USA) & Mack Boogaloo (Los Angeles, USA) and Tista (South Africa) among others.

For me, it’s all about the ambient mood and trance like seductive groove… jamming those tracks that make you snap your fingers, tap your feet and nod your head unconsciously, tele-transporting you into another world. – Evo

My Showreel

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